The Top 5 Cheap Baby Gates – Extra Safety & Care

Top 5 Cheap Baby Gates


Baby gates are multi-use devices that can help to limit where animals and small children go in the house. Keeping your possessions and your loved ones safe, finding the right baby gate is important. You should be aware that not all baby gates are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to cheap baby gates. With that in mind, let’s look at 5 different  gates that you should consider. Which will be the best safety gate for your needs? Let’s find out!

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

Regalo is on our list as one of the better baby gates because of its price. At $$, it is hard to find a less expensive child gate that you can depend on when it comes to durability. Pressure mounted, the gate is easy to install and remove. It has an opening between 29 and 38.5 inches. However, if you get extensions sold separately, you can bring this up to 60 inches in length, covering the majority of openings in a house. This gate is at the top of our list for baby gates for top of stairs because of the wall grips that provide added protection and anti-slippage. The Regalo comes with a gate, a 6-inch extension, four pressure mounted spindle rods, four wall cups for added security, and one instruction manual.

This safety gate scores quite high, with many people enjoying how inexpensive it is and how easy it is to set up. Some people who purchased the gate first thought it was defective due to how the gate hung when unsupported. However, this problem fixes itself once the gate is properly installed and in place. Other people did not like that the size of the gate opening is a bit narrower than they would want. Despite that, the Regalo is an all around great gate perfect as a baby gate for top of stairs, as well as for babies and pets.

2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

The Carlson makes its way onto our list of top baby gates because of how unique of a gate it is. It has the added versatility of allowing small pets through a door specifically built for them. This is great if you want cats to be able to get through, but want to stop larger dogs from getting through. Non toxic, chew proof, and made of an all steel construction, Carlson is among the most Cheap pet gates in this review. A great choice for a baby gate with cat door, the Carlson has a one touch release handle. Extensions can increase the distance up to 44”. It can also go as small as 29” in size.

People loved their Carlson for being easy to install. Working well with things like entryways to kitchens, the gate is simple for older kids to operate. Some issues with the gate include cheap manufacturing for the handle to the latch as well a issues fitting the gate in place with the extension pieces. That being said, the Carlson is still a great deal and well worth considering a Cheap dog gate.

3. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

This baby gate, made by Safety 1st is on our list of cheap child gates. This is probably the cheapest fabric gate you will find. The benefit of this design is that the gate can open from 38” to an amazing 60”. One of the best extra wide baby gates you should consider, it is also 27” high. It is pressure mounted.

People love the distance the gate can cover as well as the fact that it does not come with bars. People dislike that the fabric can bunch up in some spots, creating a tight look only when fully extended to around the 60” mark. The baby gate assembles easily, has worked well in wide areas, and has separate extenders for bottom and top areas. All in all, it is a generally well made gate and should be your top choice for best child gate and cheap pet gates if you need to cover a wider than average opening and you dislike bars.

4. Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

The Regalo is another among our extra wide baby gates because of its wide baby gate door. This safety gate is affordable and well priced. With sturdy metal construction, the Regalo can open to cover a distance of between 29” to 47”. At 30” tall, the best thing about this product is more of a large child gate. Which makes it easily accessible thanks to the one hand open with safety lock feature. The Regalo has received high marks from the American Material Society Testing as well as received the Juvenile Product Manufacturer Certification. The cool thing about this gate is even though it’s wide and larger. It is also lightweight and portable. Great combo

People love this wide baby gate because it is easy to install and quite cheap compared to others on the market. The gate is designed to be sturdy and remain in place. The gate portion staying open was another feature that many people really enjoyed. Some of the primary concerns and complaints came from the handle, which broke off for a few people after several months of use.

5. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

The Regalo Deluxe is the best in the tall baby gates category. It is 41” tall, making it great for pets as well as a great baby gates for top of stairs when it comes to toddlers. While tall baby gates like these can suffer from lacking a sturdy design, this product is made of sturdy metal. It can cover distances between 29” and 36.5” in size, with a one-hand open safety feature making access simple. It has also been positively reviewed by the American Society for Testing and Materials as well as received its Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification.

Overall, the reviews for the baby gate are very good. A popular favorite among cheap baby gates. Only negative is the latch mechanism leaves some people wanting more, as it is counter intuitive compared to other baby gates. Also some people dislike how it only opens in one direction.

Final Verdict

So what are good safety gates for you to consider? Well, if a cheap baby gate is what you are looking for, then any one of these gates will meet that requirement. The Regalo Easy Step Walk Through is the least expensive among them all. The Carlson is great if you need a extra wide baby gate as it provides a great deal of potential expansion with the bar design. If you need something that covers an incredible amount of space and you hate metal bars, then the best safety gate for you will be the Safety 1st option. If you need a wide baby gate, the Regalo again has you covered with their wide door option. Finally, Regalo is great again if you want tall baby gates that are perfect for pets and as baby gates for top of stairs.

Either way, it is hard to go wrong with any of the selection reviewed above. With only a few minor problems, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. In addition, being so inexpensive, they are among the top baby gates currently around, providing quality far above their price point.