The Top Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2021

I’m pretty sure you are probably here searching for either baby gates for top of stairs, baby gates for bottom of stairs, or just simply stair gates in general. Well, I have researched and narrowed down the top gates on the market. Welcome to my review. Once you read over these you can decide what direction to go in. Safety is our prime concern here. Staircases are places where people are often faced with major accidents. This makes it all the more important for you to make sure that you have a safe staircase by incorporating stairway gates.

3 Best Baby Gates For Stairs – Reviews

1. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

Basic Features of this gate:

  • It has a prominent height of 29.5” along with an adjustable width of 27”.
  • It has been designed in a way that makes it accessible only by adults. This ensures that your children are safe enough.
  • The installation of the gate is quite simple. Opening at an angle of 30 degrees, It can be easily installed.
  • This child gate is quite versatile and can be used for all areas of a stairway. But I consider this more of a straight forward stairway gate.
  • The stop bracket that has been provided prevents it from opening over the top of a particular stairway.

This stair safety gate is quite versatile and is not area specific in any way.
Children might find the mechanism for opening the stairway gates quite difficult and thus give up after some time.

The latch that has been incorporated is not of accurate size. So there can be times when you might find it a bit difficult to open them, especially if you are carrying something in your hand.

2. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

In need of a stair gates with enough playing space for your kids? or a stairway gate that can cover a wide area? This one here is the answer. Not only is this product one of the top stairway gates, but is versatile too, and can be used for multiple purposes.
Enlisted below are some of the top notch features that are offered by this gate.

  • The product has a total of about 8 panels and doors that can enclose to about 19 square feet of the entire area.
  • You can expand the entire structure to create a wall that can act as a standing barrier.
  • Created for utmost durability, the product is convenient and can fold up quite easily.
  • Apart from your children at home, you can use the product for your pets too, and use it to keep them safe.
  • The easy latch in the process allows you to pass through the gates in a pretty convenient manner.

The fact that the product can be used for multiple purposes makes it one of the best products hands down for wide areas. It is a baby gate for stairs with banister on one side.
The installation of this stairway gate is very simple.

This child gate has been incorporated with certain plastic parts as well, so the durability with those parts are questionable.

In all this is a great stairway gate. Gives you options.

3. Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate

Coming at an affordable price you can add this to your list of affordable baby gates. Has a great look to it and really is hands down a greatbaby gate for stairs.
Several features make this product stand out, given below are the most unique features which make it a great baby gate:

  • The gate has a double locking system that acts as added security.
  • You can use different ways to mount the product as per your own convenience.
  • It has been incorporated with features that make the door open both ways.
  • Apart from this the swinging action of the door can be stopped automatically.

The added protection that is provided in the form of the double locking system acts as a matter of relief to the consumers.
Separate parts are sold for this safety gate, which makes it easier for the consumers to replace the parts in case they get damaged in one form or another.
The fact that the bottom part of the door sticks out on the ground can make you trip over it if your not careful. This can be a inconvenience for some but not all.


These dog gates for stairs are must haves if you researching gates to keep your child safe or your doggie from going up or downstairs. The product must ensure that your baby is safe enough, but provides you with a sense of relief as well. All of these stairway gates I reviewed here I feel are the top stair gates you will find on the market. Follow the advice here and it will save you time and money.