The Best Extra Wide Baby Gate Of 2021

Best Extra Wide Baby Gate


 I tried my best to make this website as informative as possible. Just like everyone else I scour the internet for information on items I will be spending money on. We work hard for our money. Especially in this day and age. Parents use baby gates to keep their baby safe harmful areas. The world is a dangerous place. Especially for infants. When your baby starts crawling risk level increases as does their curiosity level. That’s when long baby gates and a extra wide baby gate come into play.

Babies are playful and fickle in nature. They really don’t know what’s going on around them. They could care less. They would rather suck on something near by. It is your duty to keep your baby safe from hazardous areas. A safety gate is must need for the safety of your baby. There are so many gates available on the market. Finding the right one is not an easy task. If your looking for an extra long baby gate or just a extra wide pet gate in general. For like a play area, I have done my best to lay out the best choices on the market. Research is what your here doing.

I’ll take care of it from here. Make sure that you have an idea of the area where you want to install the stair gates. Check dimension, locking system, construction, design and even the look before purchasing it (Everyone wants nice looking wide stair gates). Here is a comparative view given below which may help you on your quest to find the best large baby gate.

3 Best Extra Wide Baby Gate – Reviews

1. North States 2-Panel Extension for 3-in-1 Metal

The name itself explains this gate. This gate is awesome. This is one of the extra wide pet gates that offers a 3 in one solution. Don’t we all love 3 in 1 things. This is a VERY large baby gate. It’s constructed out of metal. You can use this gate between the hallway and room way. Not only is this one of the best wide stair gates for large openings, it’s a pretty tall gate at that too.

You can make a baby gate play yard at your home where your baby can play safely with out you having to worry. But what’s really neat about this gate is It has an unlimited extension panel. You can extend this gate as much you need. One of the best long baby gates.

So if you need to extend this gate from one end of the house to the other. By all means. I thought that was pretty cool. Make sure to click on the pictures or links. They will take you to some amazon reviews. Others have also personally reviewed this stair gate. Here are some features along with Pros and Cons below



  • It is tall, Dog and cat friendly which is pressure mounted so your child cannot  easily open it.
  • This gate is made with six panels which can be used to set up a baby gate play yard.
  • It encloses up to 10 square feet and 30 inch high areas
  • This super yard is a freestanding baby gate and can be installed within a short space of time
  • This gate includes a double locking system
  • If you want to increase the area you can add the panel extensions
  • It’s very adjustable and flexible
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor
  • The overall weight of this product is 43 pounds


  • The design of this gate is bulky and it might be a pain to store somewhere. 
  • The wall mounting hardware is not the best quality
  • May be a bit heavy to carry around.
  • Some may have difficulty folding it.

Value for the money

This gate gives your baby room to roam around and is perfect for families with more than one baby. This is a fairly large product even folded. It comes in Metal, wood and Arched Decor Metal which I touch on briefly below. Make sure you have room to store it because this is a very large baby gate. It comes at a great price for one of the top long baby gates.

2. North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

Some key points:

This is another large baby gate made by North States. Basically the same as the white version above. It also offers 3 in one solution to keep your baby safe. It can be used indoor and outdoor. Again a baby gate play yard with a nice sleek style to it.

It’s metal body and arched decor make this Gate unique from others. Just a really stunning gate to look at. You can create an enclosed area using this gate where your baby can play safely. It can be easily mounted with hardware and includes unlimited extension panels. I personally love the look and color of this particular extra wide pet gate.

3. Regalo 192 inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Yes you read correctly. You can cover a 192 inches wide and 28 inches tall area using this long baby gate. It can extend THAT wide. This is the true definition of an extra long baby gate. You see why I included this gate in the research. It’s a must if your looking for that extra large baby gate or your own personal baby gate play yard. This would be perfect for someone that wants to make half the house a play yard. You can use it as either freestanding baby gate or wall mounted. The full steel body is durable and the item is JPMA certified. It is available in white color which enhances the look of your home also. This is one of the the best among all extra wide pet gates.


  • Very easy to set up
  • You can easily see your baby. (Slats are nice and thin)
  • Baby can’t climb over this. It’s a fairly tall baby gate
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Gate opens easy enough for an adult but hard for child
  • Reshaping this gate is easy


  • The way it’s constructed (I’ll go into a bit of detail for this as I feel it’s the biggest flaw)
  • The bars are welded at the top and bottom but not completely. In two separate dots on each side of the bar.
  • Reshaping is easy by screwing and unscrewing the corners but I found that you can’t get the gate exactly straight when in a box shape. It’s not a huge deal but could be annoying to some.

Hopefully the above comparisons will help you choose the best extra wide baby gate. Remember to click on the pictures and buttons to take you to some more great amazon reviews.