The Best Travel & Portable Baby Gate for 2021

Traveling is a hobby or a passion for a number of people all across the globe.  But traveling with your children brings about a sense of security.  Travel gates are the perfect way in which you can keep your children safe which makes them a great gate altogether. The recent market has developed a number of portable baby gates to help secure your little travelers.

5 Best Travel and Portable Baby Gate Reviews

If you’re traveling, choosing the right baby gate might be on top of your list. The North States Supergate Portable Travel Gate and Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate are worth taking a look at. Especially as a portable baby gate. The gates have varied price and ratings.  I’ll give you a quick review below.

1. North States 42.6″ Wide Portable Traveler Baby Gate

This travel baby gate is one of the safest gates on the market. So we can call it the Best Travel & Portable Baby Gate. As it provides safety at your home as well as outside home.

Enlisted below are features that make this product desired:

  • Great portable baby gate
  • Steel bars along with fabric provide it with utmost durability.
  • The gate feet adjusts perfectly on the floor and provides it with the extra amount of security.
  • You can mount it easily on even surfaces.
  • It’s Flexible
  • 28 inches height and 42.6 inches width.
  • You can fold this in a small travel bag.
  • Reasonable Price



  • This portable gate is very easy to install.
  • You just have to click the extendable metal bars in place and then use the tension knob to fit perfectly. It will take just seconds.
  • The combination of durable steel bars and lightweight fabric are really attractive.
  • You can wash the fabric by hand as it is easily washable.
  • North States is offering a 1 year warranty against product defects.
  • Great for small children and pets.
  • Easy to carry when you are traveling.


  • You may think that fabric is a little bunchy.
  • It may not fit well, unless it is used fully expanded.

This portable baby gate made for your little one’s safety, once you can pick this up you’ll be ready for a nice family vacation. I’m attracted to that cute travel bagIt goes for a great price.

2. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

I don’t get to travel a lot myself, Always working. But for people who travel or are always on the go. This type of gate would work fro you. I did my due diligence research wise. Children are restless especially at the time of playing. Imagine you get to the hotel room or time share you have just for vacations.

This time around with your restless little one. A safeguard always needed for safety purposes. The Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate can be the best safeguard for the kids. This gate will keep your baby at a safe distance from any pets. Or just keeping either of them in a restricted area. You can purchase it without thinking twice because it is one of the safest baby gates on the market.

Now to be honest this may not be the best portable pet gate for travel. As you can tell in the pictures. Your bigger pets can most likely clear this in one jump. But it should keep your baby at bay. Here are some unique features of this product, described below:

  • Safety 1st wide doorways fabric gate is completely different from other products available in the market.
  • It is very stretchy and it can stretch up to 60 inches
  • It contains a drawstring travel bag which is machine washable
  • You don’t need a huge place to store it
  • After using it you can just move to wrap it up and go
  • It’s stain-resistant
  • It can be stretchy from 32 inches to 60 inches wide and up to 27 inches long
  • This unit is pressure mounted.
  • It is ideal for open spaces and wide doorways.
  • You can use it between hallways and rooms.

The only disadvantage this product has is its availability, to be honest. It’s a great portable baby gate. But this can’t be found in a lot of stores. Online if your safest bet.

3. Evenflo Soft and Wide gate, Emery


Evenflo is a soft and wide gate that keeps children safe at home. This is a wide gate with soft fabric. The product is ideal for unique openings and open floor plans. With this tool, your baby will never bump into any obstacle. Children are kept safe from any harmful conditions. It accommodates openings from 38 to 60 inches.

Installation does not require any expertise, and it takes you a few seconds to complete the setup. No marks will be left on your home interior design. You can take the gate to any place when traveling, it folds into a sizeable tool hence easy to move with.


  • Great for children; keeps your children safe from danger
  • Full width; fits in various widths such as 38 inches and 60 inches
  • Leaves no marks; your home interior remains in good condition. Besides, installation takes seconds
  • Portable; folds into a lightweight tool and small size hence safe for travel


  • Easy to clean since and unique because of its soft fabric
  • Easy to transport as it folds into a small size
  • Installation is quick and does not require any tools
  • Does not damage your house


  • It is easily removed by heavy objects or high energy

4. Safety 1st Pressure Gate

Safety 1st Pressure Gate

If you are looking for a travel baby gate that works well in your house, then go in for the safety 1st pressure mount easily to fit the security gate. It expands to 28 and 42 inches wide. One hand lock and release is easy to open. The plastic feature makes it environment-friendly. Assembly is easy similar to its installation.


  • It expands; it can accommodate different sizes of door openings as it expands
  • One hand lock and release; easy to open by use of one hand. It allows parents to open and lock easily.
  • Easy to set up; this product is easy to assemble and use.
  • Environment friendly; it has a plastic make and pleasant to you and your child


  • Keeps children away from dangers
  • Memory feature ensures that reinstallation is quick and straightforward
  • Easy to install as it is pressure mounted
  • Single hand lock and release makes it easy to open
  • It expands and can fit in doorways from 28 inches to 40 inches
  • Great for pets and kids


  • It tends to be expensive

So all together all Travel gates are great and have really good ratings. Of course, It depends on your choice and needs. So whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Things to Consider – Best Travel and Portable Baby Gate

Before you choose a portable baby gate for travel, there are a few important things that you should check. These tips include the following:

Type of fitting

There are different types of fittings. Wall fixed and pressure mounted are the types of fittings. When you identify the type of fitting you want, it becomes easy to choose the best travel baby gate. Wall fixed gates are safer and more secure. They are great for use on doorways or stairs. However, they require a drilling machine to fix them.

Once you remove the gate, some holes will remain in your house. This is what makes such travel gates a lousy choice. The good is that there is no bar at the bottom side; therefore, tripping cannot occur.

Pressure mounted fittings, on the other hand, are easy to fix. Screws or any other tools are not necessary. They expand to fit in the target area. Also, they do not form holes in the house when you remove them. The gates are ideal for separating rooms. However, watch out as they cause tripping.

Use of the safety gate

Security gates are made for different purposes. These can be used on stairs or to keep a baby indoors. Used to protect some children from falling through the gaps in the porch. It can be set up around hazardous areas such as multi-use fireplaces. Baby gates can also protect babies from family pets. Measure the gap you need to cover before buying a safety gate.

Keep in mind skirting boards and door frames. Some models feature extension. There are narrow gates to conceal small entrances. I recommend the use of pressure fitted gates on stairs and kitchens. This is because they are easy to move and install.

For balconies, choose hardware-mounted gates. Such gates do not move quickly, therefore, prevents tripping. Expandable gates are the best for making play stations.

If you have a dog and a kid, consider the safety of both. Choose one that is pet-friendly .you may wish to keep the baby and pet in separate places, sometimes you may want to keep them together. Choose wisely.

Closing and opening mechanism

Travel gates must be easy to open and close. Everyone needs something difficult for the baby to open. But who wants something hard to go through? Swing open gates are hard for babies to open. You have to squeeze the two parts together then lift a safety catch to open it. Such gates cannot be opened with one hand.

Liftoff gates are safe and mostly used to secure Playstations.they are hard to use as sometimes you have to climb over them. Toddlers will copy you, and soon they’ll climb over the gates. Some gates have alarms. The alarm rings if they are not closed, and some gates close automatically.

Need to move the gate?

For travel baby gates, choose one that is easy to move. A portable safety gate should be should not require any expertise to install it. Installation should be done within a short time. Mobile gates should be simple to open up.

A gate that can be operated with one hand is great. Baby gates should be able to fold for easy transportation. This allows you to move it to any place you want to go. The limitations should be few. Weight also matters. Lightweight gates are the best when searching for a portable gate.


Safety is one thing that rings in every parent’s mind. Preventing your baby is very important. Safety gates play an essential role in your child’s safety. Baby gates ensure that children do not access areas such as staircases and kitchen. This is lifesavers. What are you waiting for? Get the best travel baby gate for your toddler.