Best Freestanding Baby Gate of 2021 (No Wall Areas)

A parent is always full of fear especially when their child is playing upstairs. There the question comes to safety and in this situation, parents will take all the probable steps to provide their child the ultimate safe environment. Keeping this in mind manufacturers make a variety of baby gates. It may be confusing at first choosing the right one. I’ll do my best to break it down for you.

Best Freestanding Baby Gate Review

1. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate

Before going to buy a baby gate for your baby, homework is required. Know all your requirements in detail. Freestanding baby gates are great for placing gates right in wide open areas. No pressure mounting or hardware mount. You set it up and it’s just freestanding. Exactly how it looks in the picture. You can click on the picture to see more.

Some things to go over first:

  • Get a good measurement of the area where you want to install the gate
  • Choose the material according to the purpose

This Safety gate is known for being not only one of the best freestanding baby gates but one of the best sellers. This product is always in high demand. Awesome features and good quality make this gate completely different from others. Here’s a quick overview of this product. Features and all. Make sure to also click on the links or picture to take you to some more Amazon reviews.


  • This product is ideal to provide the ultimate safe area for babies especially when you have a pet at your house
  • This baby gate is made with rubber wood which is long lasting
  • You can use this baby gate in between a room way and hall way
  • Product contains a walk through lockable gate door which opens on both sides and locks automatically. 
  • This gate is easily movable from one place to another
  • This baby gate is wider and higher for those that need it for “jumpers or climbers”
  • Weight and dimension: Product is available in medium and large size. Medium one is 61.8 to 90.2 inches long, 28” high and 24” wide and its weight is 24.4 lbs. You can use medium size gate for small to medium size dog. Large one is 61.8 to 90.2 inches long, 36.2 inches high and 27 inches wide. Large size is suggested for large breeds. Overall weight of large one is 32.4lbs.

Having these unique features this Safety gate is one of the best sellers of 2019.