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The Best Extra Wide Baby Gate Of 2019

Best Extra Wide Baby Gate


 I tried my best to make this website as informative as possible. Just like everyone else I scour the internet for information on items I will be spending money on. We work hard for our money. Especially in this day and age. Parents use baby gates to keep their baby safe harmful areas. The world is a dangerous place. Especially for infants. When your baby starts crawling risk level increases as does their curiosity level. That’s when long baby gates and a extra wide baby gate come into play.

Babies are playful and fickle in nature. They really don’t know what’s going on around them. They could care less. They would rather suck on something near by. It is your duty to keep your baby safe from hazardous areas. A safety gate is must need for the safety of your baby. There are so many gates available on the market. Finding the right one is not an easy task. If your looking for an extra long baby gate or just a extra wide pet gate in general. For like a play area, I have done my best to lay out the best choices on the market. Research is what your here doing.

I’ll take care of it from here. Make sure that you have an idea of the area where you want to install the stair gates. Check dimension, locking system, construction, design and even the look before purchasing it (Everyone wants nice looking wide stair gates). Here is a comparative view given below which may help you on your quest to find the best large baby gate.

3 Best Extra Wide Baby Gate – Reviews

1. North States 2-Panel Extension for 3-in-1 Metal

The name itself explains this gate. This gate is awesome. This is one of the extra wide pet gates that offers a 3 in one solution. Don’t we all love 3 in 1 things. This is a VERY large baby gate. It’s constructed out of metal. You can use this gate between the hallway and room way. Not only is this one of the best wide stair gates for large openings, it’s a pretty tall gate at that too.

You can make a baby gate play yard at your home where your baby can play safely with out you having to worry. But what’s really neat about this gate is It has an unlimited extension panel. You can extend this gate as much you need. One of the best long baby gates.

So if you need to extend this gate from one end of the house to the other. By all means. I thought that was pretty cool. Make sure to click on the pictures or links. They will take you to some amazon reviews. Others have also personally reviewed this stair gate. Here are some features along with Pros and Cons below



  • It is tall, Dog and cat friendly which is pressure mounted so your child cannot  easily open it.
  • This gate is made with six panels which can be used to set up a baby gate play yard.
  • It encloses up to 10 square feet and 30 inch high areas
  • This super yard is a freestanding baby gate and can be installed within a short space of time
  • This gate includes a double locking system
  • If you want to increase the area you can add the panel extensions
  • It’s very adjustable and flexible
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor
  • The overall weight of this product is 43 pounds


  • The design of this gate is bulky and it might be a pain to store somewhere. 
  • The wall mounting hardware is not the best quality
  • May be a bit heavy to carry around.
  • Some may have difficulty folding it.

Value for the money

This gate gives your baby room to roam around and is perfect for families with more than one baby. This is a fairly large product even folded. It comes in Metal, wood and Arched Decor Metal which I touch on briefly below. Make sure you have room to store it because this is a very large baby gate. It comes at a great price for one of the top long baby gates.

2. North States 3-in-1 Metal Superyard

Some key points:

This is another large baby gate made by North States. Basically the same as the white version above. It also offers 3 in one solution to keep your baby safe. It can be used indoor and outdoor. Again a baby gate play yard with a nice sleek style to it.

It’s metal body and arched decor make this Gate unique from others. Just a really stunning gate to look at. You can create an enclosed area using this gate where your baby can play safely. It can be easily mounted with hardware and includes unlimited extension panels. I personally love the look and color of this particular extra wide pet gate.

3. Regalo 192 inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard

Yes you read correctly. You can cover a 192 inches wide and 28 inches tall area using this long baby gate. It can extend THAT wide. This is the true definition of an extra long baby gate. You see why I included this gate in the research. It’s a must if your looking for that extra large baby gate or your own personal baby gate play yard. This would be perfect for someone that wants to make half the house a play yard. You can use it as either freestanding baby gate or wall mounted. The full steel body is durable and the item is JPMA certified. It is available in white color which enhances the look of your home also. This is one of the the best among all extra wide pet gates.


  • Very easy to set up
  • You can easily see your baby. (Slats are nice and thin)
  • Baby can’t climb over this. It’s a fairly tall baby gate
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Gate opens easy enough for an adult but hard for child
  • Reshaping this gate is easy


  • The way it’s constructed (I’ll go into a bit of detail for this as I feel it’s the biggest flaw)
  • The bars are welded at the top and bottom but not completely. In two separate dots on each side of the bar.
  • Reshaping is easy by screwing and unscrewing the corners but I found that you can’t get the gate exactly straight when in a box shape. It’s not a huge deal but could be annoying to some.

Hopefully the above comparisons will help you choose the best extra wide baby gate. Remember to click on the pictures and buttons to take you to some more great amazon reviews.

The Best Hands Free Baby Gate of 2019 (Foot Pedal Baby Gate Review)


Safety is the prime concern of all parents for their babies once they become mobile. And as any mom or dad can attest to, parent’s hands are not always free while moving around the house taking care of your young ones. Whether you are carrying your baby or toddler, their toys, a bottle or simply picking up, you need to be able to move freely even when you have a safety baby gate obstructing your path. This is why a hands free baby gate which can be operated by foot becomes an essential feature.

We have chosen the Babies R Us Step N Release Walk Thru Gate as the best hands free baby gate because of its combination of features and ease of use. Click the link below to check it out on which has the best price we have found or continue reading the  our review of this gate below:

Babies R Us Step N Release Walk Thru Gate Review

Basic Features:

  • The gate is 32 inches tall and fits well in doorways 30-45 inches wide.
  • It comes with dual sided foot pedal and you don’t need to use hands to operate it.
  • It offers you the comfort grip handle for traditional access, though optional.
  • Stylish silver and black finish add an extra charm in your home decors.
  • Pressure mounted installation for use between rooms and doorways.
  • The gate is solid and very sturdy.


  • Easy installation process, not a hectic job.
  • You can open the gate using a dual-sided foot pedal. The door closes behind you gently. No need to check the door is closed or not.
  • Completely hands-free design.
  • Prevent your little baby from any unwanted mishaps. If you are a dog or cat person, you
    can use this gate for them as well.


  • Latching mechanism could be better than this.
  • You have to press the foot pedal strongly to activate. 
  • Because of a foot rail, you can’t roll anything from one side to the other.

You can use this beautiful gate between room ways. The auto closing system makes this item unique from others. This gate can be easily fitted with 30 inches to 35 inches wide openings. Great hands-free baby gate, and fun to pop open with your foot. I love Stuff like this.

The Best Retractable Baby Gate Of 2019 – Guide & Reviews

If your baby has started moving around a lot more now you need to be completely sure that the environment is completely safe. That usually means implementing the best child gate you can find to keep your little one in safe areas while they learn to move about.

The fact that you have landed on this page means your probably specifically looking for a retractable baby or pet gate. The best retractable child gate. These type of gates are just as safe as regular hardware mounted and pressure mounted gates. They just have different attributes.

These child gates also known as a retractable dog gate can keep pets away from your baby while he or she is making movement within the restricted area. This gate is also able to keep your pets in a specific area when you don’t want to put them in a smaller crate.

At the end of the day, finding the right baby gate – regardless of whether or not you’re looking to use it for corralling a small child or keeping your pet in a part of the house – comes down to due diligence, research, and pulling the trigger on purchasing the best option available. I created a quick guide to help you sort through all of the different retractable pet gates out there.

Best Retractable Baby Gate – Important Things

To find the best retractable pet gate for your specific needs, you’re going to want to think about:

  • How your new safety gate is going to be used most frequently
  • The importance of choosing a material that is safe, environmentally friendly, and attractive

You’ll also want to think about just how much you are willing to spend on a new gate, as there are going to be options available at pretty much every price point of imaginable.

4 Best Retractable Baby Gate – Reviews

Breaking down for of the Top baby gate options and retractable Child gates.

1. Lascal KiddyGuard Avant, Retractable Baby Safety Gate

Easily one of the best extra wide retractable baby gate options you’re going to come across on the market today, this specific solution is going to give you a top tier level of safety and security for your child but may not be quite as advantageous at keeping your pets contained.

That’s because this gate uses a screen that can be retracted into the mounting hardware to keep your children contained – the kind of barrier that will stop small children without any trouble, but the kind of barrier that small animals (and especially larger dogs) will only see as another barrier to jump over.


  • Screen fence technology doesn’t obstruct your review of your children had any point in time
  • The screen fence technology also a limiting safety concerns presented by slant fence technology
  • Effortless to mount, this unit can be up and working in about five minutes or so


  • This isn’t exactly the least expensive retractable safety gate available on the market today
  • You will have to mount this  baby gate directly to your door frame
  • If your looking for a retractable stair gate. This can be used as one as well.

2. Retract-A-Gate safety gate 52″

This is another of the more advanced solution, you are going to be able to count on this particular model to keep your children safe without any worry or concern.

This unit has been designed specifically to mount directly into any standard door frame, but it can also be utilized at the top and bottom of stairs. Mounting this baby gate is as easy can be (all you need is a handful of household tools to get the job done), and you can start using this gate almost right out of the box. One of the good retractable pet gates.


  • JPMA certification lets you confidently utilize this gate at the top and bottom of stairs
  • Screen technology has been reinforced so that this baby gate also doubles as a re-tractable pet gate
  • Effortless one-handed operation allows you to operate the gate even when you have your hands full


  • The heavy-duty materials make this child gate a little bit heavier than others
  • The screen fence technology can be lifted up from the bottom by adventurous children, a safety issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Will require you to anchor it into place with screws, eliminating a lot of the flexibility some of these types of baby gate options provide.

3. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

One of the least expensive “screen fence” style baby gate options you’ll come. I LOVE how this gate looks. These few pictures I have here don’t do this gate justice. This gate looks so sleek and sharp. This particular unit still takes advantage of top-tier construction materials to guarantee the safety of your children and your pets. No headache or hassle.


  • Good retractable stair gate. This unit can be used at the top and bottom of stairs with no trouble at all
  • Installation requires household tools and can be successfully completed in about 30 minutes
  • The unit comes with a “baseboard modification accessory” that won’t cost you any extra


  • This screen fence style gate can get a little bit loose over time, lessening its durability
  • Some have complained that this baby gate is a little bit too large for standard stairway openings
  • Locking mechanism can be difficult to manipulate with one hand

4. Dreambaby Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Gate

Parents and pet owners that want to feel at ease when it comes to safety. So far I have been given a good amount of retractable child gate options here in this guide. If your looking for a real good pet gate option. Something to keep the puppy at bay. You’ll love this gate. Everything this unit brings to the table.

Designed specifically to eliminate the safety risks that slant-based fences inherently present, this gate uses a screen-based solution that allows you to always keep a watchful eye on your child or your pet without having to worry about them getting their hands or paws injured in the gate.


  • Dual mounting options and hardware allow this gate to adapt to a variety of different situations
  • This safety gate fits openings up to 55 inches wide
  • Incredibly lightweight materials are still very durable, never sacrificing safety or security


  • The spacer kit necessary to extend the functionality of this gate is sold separately
  • Can be used outside but will not last quite as long as it would indoors
  • Adventurous children and pets may find a way to get underneath the flexible screen

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you’ll want to be sure that you take advantage of all that information I have been able to share with you above to find the very best retractable safety gate or retractable pet gates for your specific needs.

There are all kinds of retractable pet gates on the market right now (ranging from compact units to extra wide gate solutions, and everything in between), but the four options I highlighted above are considered to be the very best of the best. My own retractable child gate reviews.

The Top 5 Cheap Baby Gates – Extra Safety & Care

Top 5 Cheap Baby Gates


Baby gates are multi-use devices that can help to limit where animals and small children go in the house. Keeping your possessions and your loved ones safe, finding the right baby gate is important. You should be aware that not all baby gates are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to cheap baby gates. With that in mind, let’s look at 5 different  gates that you should consider. Which will be the best safety gate for your needs? Let’s find out!

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

Regalo is on our list as one of the better baby gates because of its price. At $$, it is hard to find a less expensive child gate that you can depend on when it comes to durability. Pressure mounted, the gate is easy to install and remove. It has an opening between 29 and 38.5 inches. However, if you get extensions sold separately, you can bring this up to 60 inches in length, covering the majority of openings in a house. This gate is at the top of our list for baby gates for top of stairs because of the wall grips that provide added protection and anti-slippage. The Regalo comes with a gate, a 6-inch extension, four pressure mounted spindle rods, four wall cups for added security, and one instruction manual.

This safety gate scores quite high, with many people enjoying how inexpensive it is and how easy it is to set up. Some people who purchased the gate first thought it was defective due to how the gate hung when unsupported. However, this problem fixes itself once the gate is properly installed and in place. Other people did not like that the size of the gate opening is a bit narrower than they would want. Despite that, the Regalo is an all around great gate perfect as a baby gate for top of stairs, as well as for babies and pets.

2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

The Carlson makes its way onto our list of top baby gates because of how unique of a gate it is. It has the added versatility of allowing small pets through a door specifically built for them. This is great if you want cats to be able to get through, but want to stop larger dogs from getting through. Non toxic, chew proof, and made of an all steel construction, Carlson is among the most Cheap pet gates in this review. A great choice for a baby gate with cat door, the Carlson has a one touch release handle. Extensions can increase the distance up to 44”. It can also go as small as 29” in size.

People loved their Carlson for being easy to install. Working well with things like entryways to kitchens, the gate is simple for older kids to operate. Some issues with the gate include cheap manufacturing for the handle to the latch as well a issues fitting the gate in place with the extension pieces. That being said, the Carlson is still a great deal and well worth considering a Cheap dog gate.

3. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

This baby gate, made by Safety 1st is on our list of cheap child gates. This is probably the cheapest fabric gate you will find. The benefit of this design is that the gate can open from 38” to an amazing 60”. One of the best extra wide baby gates you should consider, it is also 27” high. It is pressure mounted.

People love the distance the gate can cover as well as the fact that it does not come with bars. People dislike that the fabric can bunch up in some spots, creating a tight look only when fully extended to around the 60” mark. The baby gate assembles easily, has worked well in wide areas, and has separate extenders for bottom and top areas. All in all, it is a generally well made gate and should be your top choice for best child gate and cheap pet gates if you need to cover a wider than average opening and you dislike bars.

4. Regalo Easy Open 47-Inch Super Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate

The Regalo is another among our extra wide baby gates because of its wide baby gate door. This safety gate is affordable and well priced. With sturdy metal construction, the Regalo can open to cover a distance of between 29” to 47”. At 30” tall, the best thing about this product is more of a large child gate. Which makes it easily accessible thanks to the one hand open with safety lock feature. The Regalo has received high marks from the American Material Society Testing as well as received the Juvenile Product Manufacturer Certification. The cool thing about this gate is even though it’s wide and larger. It is also lightweight and portable. Great combo

People love this wide baby gate because it is easy to install and quite cheap compared to others on the market. The gate is designed to be sturdy and remain in place. The gate portion staying open was another feature that many people really enjoyed. Some of the primary concerns and complaints came from the handle, which broke off for a few people after several months of use.

5. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

The Regalo Deluxe is the best in the tall baby gates category. It is 41” tall, making it great for pets as well as a great baby gates for top of stairs when it comes to toddlers. While tall baby gates like these can suffer from lacking a sturdy design, this product is made of sturdy metal. It can cover distances between 29” and 36.5” in size, with a one-hand open safety feature making access simple. It has also been positively reviewed by the American Society for Testing and Materials as well as received its Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification.

Overall, the reviews for the baby gate are very good. A popular favorite among cheap baby gates. Only negative is the latch mechanism leaves some people wanting more, as it is counter intuitive compared to other baby gates. Also some people dislike how it only opens in one direction.

Final Verdict

So what are good safety gates for you to consider? Well, if a cheap baby gate is what you are looking for, then any one of these gates will meet that requirement. The Regalo Easy Step Walk Through is the least expensive among them all. The Carlson is great if you need a extra wide baby gate as it provides a great deal of potential expansion with the bar design. If you need something that covers an incredible amount of space and you hate metal bars, then the best safety gate for you will be the Safety 1st option. If you need a wide baby gate, the Regalo again has you covered with their wide door option. Finally, Regalo is great again if you want tall baby gates that are perfect for pets and as baby gates for top of stairs.

Either way, it is hard to go wrong with any of the selection reviewed above. With only a few minor problems, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. In addition, being so inexpensive, they are among the top baby gates currently around, providing quality far above their price point.