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The Best Travel & Portable Baby Gate for 2020

Traveling is a hobby or a passion for a number of people all across the globe.  But traveling with your children brings about a sense of security.  Travel gates are the perfect way in which you can keep your children safe which makes them a great gate altogether. The recent market has developed a number of portable baby gates to help secure your little travelers.

5 Best Travel and Portable Baby Gate Reviews

If you’re traveling, choosing the right baby gate might be on top of your list. The North States Supergate Portable Travel Gate and Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate are worth taking a look at. Especially as a portable baby gate. The gates have varied price and ratings.  I’ll give you a quick review below.

1. North States 42.6″ Wide Portable Traveler Baby Gate

This travel baby gate is one of the safest gates on the market. So we can call it the Best Travel & Portable Baby Gate. As it provides safety at your home as well as outside home.

Enlisted below are features that make this product desired:

  • Great portable baby gate
  • Steel bars along with fabric provide it with utmost durability.
  • The gate feet adjusts perfectly on the floor and provides it with the extra amount of security.
  • You can mount it easily on even surfaces.
  • It’s Flexible
  • 28 inches height and 42.6 inches width.
  • You can fold this in a small travel bag.
  • Reasonable Price



  • This portable gate is very easy to install.
  • You just have to click the extendable metal bars in place and then use the tension knob to fit perfectly. It will take just seconds.
  • The combination of durable steel bars and lightweight fabric are really attractive.
  • You can wash the fabric by hand as it is easily washable.
  • North States is offering a 1 year warranty against product defects.
  • Great for small children and pets.
  • Easy to carry when you are traveling.


  • You may think that fabric is a little bunchy.
  • It may not fit well, unless it is used fully expanded.

This portable baby gate made for your little one’s safety, once you can pick this up you’ll be ready for a nice family vacation. I’m attracted to that cute travel bagIt goes for a great price.

2. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate

I don’t get to travel a lot myself, Always working. But for people who travel or are always on the go. This type of gate would work fro you. I did my due diligence research wise. Children are restless especially at the time of playing. Imagine you get to the hotel room or time share you have just for vacations.

This time around with your restless little one. A safeguard always needed for safety purposes. The Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate can be the best safeguard for the kids. This gate will keep your baby at a safe distance from any pets. Or just keeping either of them in a restricted area. You can purchase it without thinking twice because it is one of the safest baby gates on the market.

Now to be honest this may not be the best portable pet gate for travel. As you can tell in the pictures. Your bigger pets can most likely clear this in one jump. But it should keep your baby at bay. Here are some unique features of this product, described below:

  • Safety 1st wide doorways fabric gate is completely different from other products available in the market.
  • It is very stretchy and it can stretch up to 60 inches
  • It contains a drawstring travel bag which is machine washable
  • You don’t need a huge place to store it
  • After using it you can just move to wrap it up and go
  • It’s stain-resistant
  • It can be stretchy from 32 inches to 60 inches wide and up to 27 inches long
  • This unit is pressure mounted.
  • It is ideal for open spaces and wide doorways.
  • You can use it between hallways and rooms.

The only disadvantage this product has is its availability, to be honest. It’s a great portable baby gate. But this can’t be found in a lot of stores. Online if your safest bet.

3. Evenflo Soft and Wide gate, Emery


Evenflo is a soft and wide gate that keeps children safe at home. This is a wide gate with soft fabric. The product is ideal for unique openings and open floor plans. With this tool, your baby will never bump in any obstacle. Children are kept safe from any harmful conditions. It accommodates openings from 38 to 60 inches.

Installation does not require any expertise, and it takes you a few seconds to complete the setup. No marks will be left on your home interior design. You can take the gate to any place when folds into a sizeable tool hence easy to move with.


  • Great for children; keeps your children safe from danger
  • Full width; fits in various widths such as 38 inches and 60 inches
  • Leaves no marks; your home interior remains in good condition. Besides, installation takes seconds
  • Portable; folds into a lightweight tool and small size hence safe for travel


  • Easy to clean since and unique because of its soft fabric
  • Easy to transport as it folds into a small size
  • Installation is quick and does not require any tools
  • Does not damage your house


  • It is easily removed by heavy objects or high energy

4. Safety 1st Pressure Gate

Safety 1st Pressure Gate

If you are looking for a travel baby gate that works well in your house, then go in for the safety 1st pressure mount easily to fit security gate. It expands to 28 and 42 inches wide. One hand lock and release is easy to open. The plastic feature makes it environment friendly. Assembly is easy similar to its installation.


  • It expands; it can accommodate different sizes of door openings as it expands
  • One hand lock and release; easy to open by use of one hand. It allows parents to open and lock easily.
  • Easy to set up; this product is easy to assemble and use.
  • Environment friendly; it has a plastic make and pleasant to you and your child


  • Keeps children away from dangers
  • Memory feature ensures that reinstallation is quick and straightforward
  • Easy to install as it is pressure mounted
  • Single hand lock and release makes it easy to open
  • It expands and can fit in doorways from 28 inches to 40 inches
  • Great for pets and kids


  • It tends to be expensive

So all together all Travel gates are great and have really good ratings. Of course, It depends on your choice and needs. So whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.

Things to Consider – Best Travel and Portable Baby Gate

Before you choose a portable baby gate for travel, there are a few important things that you should check. These tips include the following:

Type of fitting

There are different types of fittings. Wall fixed and pressure mounted are the types of fittings. When you identify the type of fitting you want, it becomes easy to choose the best travel baby gate. Wall fixed gates are safer and more secure. They are great for use on doorways or stairs. However, they require a drilling machine to fix them.

Once you remove the gate, some holes will remain in your house. This is what makes such travel gates a lousy choice. The good is that there is no bar at the bottom side; therefore, tripping cannot occur.

Pressure mounted fittings, on the other hand, are easy to fix. Screws or any other tools are not necessary. They expand to fit in the target area. Also, they do not form holes in the house when you remove them. The gates are ideal for separating rooms. However, watch out as they cause tripping.

Use of the safety gate

Security gates are made for different purposes. These can be used on stairs or to keep a baby indoors. Used to protect some children from falling through the gaps in the porch. It can be set up around hazardous areas such as multi-use fireplaces. Baby gates can also protect babies from family pets. Measure the gap you need to cover before buying a safety gate.

Keep in mind skirting boards and door frames. Some models feature extension. There are narrow gates to conceal small entrances. I recommend the use of pressure fitted gates on stairs and kitchens. This is because they are easy to move and install.

For balconies, choose hardware-mounted gates. Such gates do not move quickly, therefore, prevents tripping. Expandable gates are the best for making play stations.

If you have a dog and a kid, consider the safety of both. Choose one that is pet-friendly .you may wish to keep the baby and pet in separate places, sometimes you may want to keep them together. Choose wisely.

Closing and opening mechanism

Travel gates must be easy to open and close. Everyone needs something difficult for the baby to open. But who wants something hard to go through? Swing open gates are hard for babies to open. You have to squeeze the two parts together then lift a safety catch to open it. Such gates cannot be opened with one hand.

Liftoff gates are safe and mostly used to secure Playstations.they are hard to use as sometimes you have to climb over them. Toddlers will copy you, and soon they’ll climb over the gates. Some gates have alarms. The alarm rings if they are not closed, and some gates close automatically.

Need to move the gate?

For travel baby gates, choose one that is easy to move. A portable safety gate should be should not require any expertise to install it. Installation should be done within a short time. Mobile gates should be simple to open up.

A gate that can be operated with one hand is great. Baby gates should be able to fold for easy transportation. This allows you to move it to any place you want to go. The limitations should be few. Weight also matters. Lightweight gates are the best when searching for a portable gate.


Safety is one thing that rings in every parent’s mind. Preventing your baby is very important. Safety gates play an essential role in your child’s safety. Baby gates ensure that children do not access areas such as staircases and kitchen. This is lifesavers. What are you waiting for? Get the best travel baby gate for your toddler.

Best Freestanding Baby Gate of 2019 (No Wall Areas)

A parent is always full of fear especially when their child is playing upstairs. There the question comes to safety and in this situation, parents will take all the probable steps to provide their child the ultimate safe environment. Keeping this in mind manufacturers make a variety of baby gates. It may be confusing at first choosing the right one. I’ll do my best to break it down for you.

Best Freestanding Baby Gate Review

1. Richell Deluxe Freestanding Pet Gate

Before going to buy a baby gate for your baby, homework is required. Know all your requirements in detail. Freestanding baby gates are great for placing gates right in wide open areas. No pressure mounting or hardware mount. You set it up and it’s just freestanding. Exactly how it looks in the picture. You can click on the picture to see more.

Some things to go over first:

  • Get a good measurement of the area where you want to install the gate
  • Choose the material according to the purpose

This Safety gate is known for being not only one of the best freestanding baby gates but one of the best sellers. This product is always in high demand. Awesome features and good quality make this gate completely different from others. Here’s a quick overview of this product. Features and all. Make sure to also click on the links or picture to take you to some more Amazon reviews.


  • This product is ideal to provide the ultimate safe area for babies especially when you have a pet at your house
  • This baby gate is made with rubber wood which is long lasting
  • You can use this baby gate in between a room way and hall way
  • Product contains a walk through lockable gate door which opens on both sides and locks automatically. 
  • This gate is easily movable from one place to another
  • This baby gate is wider and higher for those that need it for “jumpers or climbers”
  • Weight and dimension: Product is available in medium and large size. Medium one is 61.8 to 90.2 inches long, 28” high and 24” wide and its weight is 24.4 lbs. You can use medium size gate for small to medium size dog. Large one is 61.8 to 90.2 inches long, 36.2 inches high and 27 inches wide. Large size is suggested for large breeds. Overall weight of large one is 32.4lbs.

Having these unique features this Safety gate is one of the best sellers of 2019.

The Top Best Baby Gates For Stairs 2019

Best Baby Gates For Stairs

I’m pretty sure you are probably here searching for either baby gates for top of stairs, baby gates for bottom of stairs, or just simply stair gates in general. Well, I have researched and narrowed down the top gates on the market. Welcome to my review. Once you read over these you can decide what direction to go in. Safety is our prime concern here. Staircases are places where people are often faced with major accidents. This makes it all the more important for you to make sure that you have a safe staircase by incorporating stairway gates.

3 Best Baby Gates For Stairs – Reviews

1. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

Basic Features of this gate:

  • It has a prominent height of 29.5” along with an adjustable width of 27”.
  • It has been designed in a way that makes it accessible only by adults. This ensures that your children are safe enough.
  • The installation of the gate is quite simple. Opening at an angle of 30 degrees, It can be easily installed.
  • This child gate is quite versatile and can be used for all areas of a stairway. But I consider this more of a straight forward stairway gate.
  • The stop bracket that has been provided prevents it from opening over the top of a particular stairway.

This stair safety gate is quite versatile and is not area specific in any way.
Children might find the mechanism for opening the stairway gates quite difficult and thus give up after some time.

The latch that has been incorporated is not of accurate size. So there can be times when you might find it a bit difficult to open them, especially if you are carrying something in your hand.

2. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

In need of a stair gates with enough playing space for your kids? or a stairway gate that can cover a wide area? This one here is the answer. Not only is this product one of the top stairway gates, but is versatile too, and can be used for multiple purposes.
Enlisted below are some of the top notch features that are offered by this gate.

  • The product has a total of about 8 panels and doors that can enclose to about 19 square feet of the entire area.
  • You can expand the entire structure to create a wall that can act as a standing barrier.
  • Created for utmost durability, the product is convenient and can fold up quite easily.
  • Apart from your children at home, you can use the product for your pets too, and use it to keep them safe.
  • The easy latch in the process allows you to pass through the gates in a pretty convenient manner.

The fact that the product can be used for multiple purposes makes it one of the best products hands down for wide areas. It is a baby gate for stairs with banister on one side.
The installation of this stairway gate is very simple.

This child gate has been incorporated with certain plastic parts as well, so the durability with those parts are questionable.

In all this is a great stairway gate. Gives you options.

3. Dreambaby Chelsea Auto Close Security Gate

Coming at an affordable price you can add this to your list of affordable baby gates. Has a great look to it and really is hands down a greatbaby gate for stairs.
Several features make this product stand out, given below are the most unique features which make it a great baby gate:

  • The gate has a double locking system that acts as added security.
  • You can use different ways to mount the product as per your own convenience.
  • It has been incorporated with features that make the door open both ways.
  • Apart from this the swinging action of the door can be stopped automatically.

The added protection that is provided in the form of the double locking system acts as a matter of relief to the consumers.
Separate parts are sold for this safety gate, which makes it easier for the consumers to replace the parts in case they get damaged in one form or another.
The fact that the bottom part of the door sticks out on the ground can make you trip over it if your not careful. This can be a inconvenience for some but not all.


These dog gates for stairs are must haves if you researching gates to keep your child safe or your doggie from going up or downstairs. The product must ensure that your baby is safe enough, but provides you with a sense of relief as well. All of these stairway gates I reviewed here I feel are the top stair gates you will find on the market. Follow the advice here and it will save you time and money.

The Best Baby Gate With Pet Door Of 2019

 I did my best to make this website as informative as possible. I scoured the internet for information on items I will be spending money on. We work hard for our money. Especially in this day and age. Parents use baby gates for numerous things but mainly to keep their baby safe harmful areas. Also to keep their active pets (Dogs preferably) in enclosed areas with a pet gate with door.  The world is a dangerous place. Especially for infants. When your baby starts crawling, risk level increases as does their curiosity level.

Babies and pets are playful. That’s just their nature. So they need an safe guard especially around hazardous areas.  You may also be looking for real good dog gates indoor that allow your cat to roam the house while maybe your toddler and dog stay in within the boundaries. There are so many pet gates available. This is why you might find it difficult to choose the right one. If your looking for the baby gate with door on the market or affordable baby gates in general. Here are some points to consider before going to the market:

  • Measure the area where you want to install the gate
  • Make sure that the gate is scratch resistant.
  • Ensure that the baby gate has strong locking system

4 Best Baby Gate With Pet Door Review

Below are some quick gate reviews and features of some really popular baby gates.

1. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

 Some key points:

This is one of amazon’s best sellers. Not too many products get that label. But this gate sells THAT well. This baby gate is designed to be an essential part of every home with pets. The gate is made of steel so your pet won’t be able to chew it up. The range in size is ideal for all types of extra wide openings and it is very easy to install.

The one-touch release handle is designed to allow you to pass through even while carrying items. This gate is ideal if you don’t want your baby wandering around parts of the house where it can make a mess or injure itself. The small door on the gate is large enough for a cat, rabbit or smaller animal to pass through. Actually, sometimes I want to call this a pet gate with a cat door or pet gate for cats, because that what it really looks like in person. With 4 inch and 6-inch extension kits, the gate is able to fit openings from 29 to 44 inches. This video below shows how it works.

baby gate with door video

The pressure-mount system on the gate makes it very easy to set up in a matter of minutes. All-steel construction is lead-free, so there is no possibility for your pet to get poisoned. This type of child gate is ideal for all homes that have small pets. The Gate is simple, yet effective. Keeping in mind your budget – you won’t spend a fortune on this product. You can consider this one of the inexpensive baby gates. There are no tools required for setting up this gate. You’ll be amazed at how fast you get it together.


  • Contains a convenient walk through design with small pet door
  • This product has 4 inch and 6 inch extensions which can be extended up to 29 inches and 44 inches
  • Installation process is easy. A very easy pressure mounted installation.
  • It is made with metal and includes non-toxic paint

To clarify though these pet gate with cat doors are really made to restrict your bigger pets. Like keeping your puppy in the kitchen. They will restrain your baby. But at around 2 years old your baby may be a good size. You may need to look into stronger gates. Still, this baby gate is a top seller.

2. Carlson 76 Inch Wide Flexi Configurable Walk Through Pet Gate

The dog gates indoor above not wide enough? Then You’ll like this one. If you have wide openings in your house that need to be blocked off. I would consider these doggie gates. It’s special design is perfect for unique openings.

The gate has a small 7-by-10 inch door for your smaller pets, where the large ones cannot pass through. So again consider this one of the few pet gates for cats. The entire construction is also made of lead-free steel. Painted with safe paint making it poison free. Not all parts of the house are equally designed so you can easily install this stairway gate in those harder accessible areas.

This pet gate with door has a one-touch handle making your passage require just one touch of a hand. It can expand up to 13 feet. A really wide range by purchasing additional extensions. The gate is high enough making it tough for your larger pets to jump over it.

The panel includes three gate panels for flexible setup. It can conform to any type of shape required. Simple wall mounts easily to install or remove afterward. I recommend this Gate to anyone with Pets. Especially cat lovers.


  • This product is made with steel which is long lasting, non-toxic, durable and chews proof
  • The Walkthrough design is very convenient which includes a small pet door
  • It contains a wall mount system which allows you to install it easily without using any hardware
  • This product can be extended up to 13 feet with additional extension

3. Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate

For the people who have leaper, this pet gate with cat door is built especially for them. This gate is great for big dogs too. This pet gate with door is made from safe material and with durability to last. Once again people looking for a tall baby gate with cat door will find this gate the one for their needs. If your also looking for a more affordable baby gate you might want to check this one out.

It has a one-touch release handle makes it simple for pet owners to get through the gate without injury or inconvenience. Complete with a built in pet door. Not all baby gates do everything you need them to do when it comes to cats and dogs. This is why the Carlson brand stands over the rest. They hands down make a great pet gate with door. All parts and pieces are created from durable steel and feature only lead-free, non-toxic, chew proof materials.


  • Great extra tall baby gate for leapers
  • Made of steel and is designed with a pressure-mount system for easy installation
  • Is ideal for extra-wide openings.
  • Walk-through design features a one-touch release handle

Value for the money

All three products reviewed here are made by Carlson with different features. Cute doggie gates. Carlson keeps dominating the market of pet gates for cats. All have their own attributes. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which to go with. But hopefully, these reviews steer you in the right direction. I consider these the Top rated baby gates available on the market. Look no more if you checking for dog gates indoor.

4. Summer Infant Retractable Gate

Now if your looking for a retractable pet gate check out this gate here. Summer Infant Retractable GateI mentioned it in two of my other articles on the website Check out the (top retractable child gates) and  (Check Travel Gates). It doesn’t have a pet door like the rest I discussed here but it’s a great portable gate in general. It gets the job done if you’re just simply trying to buy a retractable pet mesh that you can travel with. It’s also in my list of top pet gates on the market.

Best Looking Baby Gates of 2019 – Can You Check

Munchkin Loft Aluminum Hardware Mount Baby Gate

Looking for a gate with great protection but comes off nice and stylish too? This is one baby gate that fits that description  This product is made with aluminium which makes its structure solid and strong. This photo doesn’t do this gate justice. It looks so nice and sleek in person.


  • The entire structure of this gate is made with aluminium which makes it strong. 
  • It is easy to set and adjust. You can move it easily from one place to another
  • It can be used at any place in your home, though it is more suitable for upstairs. Moreover, you can place it bottom of the stairs, between rooms or between rooms and hallways
  • It is pressure mounted which needs hardware to unlock it. Moreover, it includes double locking. Your child may find difficulties to open it
  • Extra lock can be added if you wish. You can add an extra lock simply by pushing it
  • It includes an extra wide walk through which helps to move it from one place to another
  • Door, swing can be opened in both directions
  • This safety gate is recommended for 6-24 months babies
  • The overall dimension of this product is 30.5 inches in height  by 40 inches in width and overall weight is 13.92 pounds.


  • Being a heavy product you may find difficulties to move it alone. Moreover, it will take a huge place to store
  • It is highly expensive. Everyone cannot afford this product

Keep your baby and pet safe with Munchkin Loft Aluminium Infant Safety Gate.

Best Extra Tall Baby Gates – Top Options in 2019

Best Extra Tall Baby Gates


Manufacturers made various types of baby gates to provide the ultimate protection for your baby or pet. If you are looking for a extra tall baby gate, then make sure that this type of gate can be installed at your place. Tall pet gates are basically used for keeping a larger sized baby safe. Or keeping a high jumping cat or dog from leaping over if your also looking for tall dog gates. Measure the height of the gate so that your pet can not jump into the restricted area. Don’t forget to check the quality, overall construction, and locking system before purchasing it. Here a comparative view of four gates below that will help you to choose one of the right gate for your baby.

1. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate

Dreambaby is one of the more popular brands. They make baby gates and/or if your looking for a tall pet gate with various kinds of features according to customers needs. This extra tall baby gate is one of the top gates for pets who can really jump or babies who are little taller than others. This is a pressure mounted gate.

You can use it between rooms. It can be used on the stairway when it’s hardware mounted. This item includes an automatic swing close system and double locking system which ensures that your little one cannot open it. This baby gate can be opened in both directions ranging from 28 inches to 32 inches. Opening in both directions is always a plus to me.


  • This product includes an auto close security mechanism  and is available in the white as pictured.
  • It is a pressure mounted gate.
  • Dream baby gate series are designed to fit a wide range. Between wide range doorways and hallways
  • This gate is very tall for those looking for a tall baby gate
  • You can open this gate in both directions and it includes an automatic swing closing system
  • This gate can be extended up to 111 inches using additional gate extensions.
  • The installation process is very easy and 5 minutes installation video is also available.

Just a quick video on how it works

2. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in White (With Extensions)

This item is basically the same as the previous one just reviewed. It is suitable for hallways or room ways. This one comes with extensions. once again Dream baby giving options to consumers. You can also check the prices out here. If your also looking for tall dog gates. These also work.

3. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

I did a lot of research before researching this gate. I should say that I have not found ANY gate that meets all requirements, that people expect, but this one works well. This gate can be used on the bottom of a steep, wide staircase. You don’t have to worry with these tall dog gates. This is beautifully constructed with a nice bronze metal finish. This baby gate can be adjusted to different size stairs and doorways. You can get this gate with the pressure mounted system and hardware mounted system. This gate easily gets fitted in doorways from 38 inches to 48 inches and it is 36 inches tall.


  • The height is great at 34 inches tall (note, it’s only 36 in at the top curve of the walk-through portion).
  • One of the few that could fill a wide staircase opening of 47 inches.
  • The bronze color is attractive.
  • The metal gate feels very sturdy and shows no wear despite being bumped and banged into repeatedly with luggage, snowboards, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • The latching mechanism is easy to maneuver with one hand. Great when you have an arm full of clothes.

I should note that pushing the black slider on the top latch is not enough to open the gate. While many adults have simply done that and been able to yank the gate open, no child under the age of five has been able to do the same. The bottom latch has remained engaged until someone has come and lifted the door to get it to open. The added height has made it near impossible for the younger kids to maneuver both the latch and the lifting the door requires to get it open. This is what makes tall pet gate so handy.
The gate is easy to adjust and tweak to keep it working properly. This is huge, especially with kids constantly jostling, yanking, and pulling on it to try to get through. I know all gates need to be checked and tweaked occasionally in order to keep them performing their function.
The walk through opening is wider than a lot of gates I looked at at 17 inches across. Keeps the younger kids from climbing the stairs.


  • The bar that stretches across the bottom of the walk through portion can be annoying. It is only 1 inch high, but
  • it is a nuisance to step over.
  • The walk through opening is only 17 inches across. Could be wider.
  • The gate is noisy when it slams shut. But it latches and locks.

Overall, I would highly recommend this gate for both form and function purposes. I will admit to searching for a different option for the top of the stairs since the banister can pose mounting issues and the bottom bar of this gate could be a tripping hazard.  To read up some more on this gate, reviews and pricing.

4. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Regalo is hands down one of the best brands who make baby gates with various types of features. This extra tall baby gate won best sellers award on online store. Click on the picture or highlighted links to see the Amazon reviews. This Gate includes an easy walk through design and it’s 41 inches tall, which provides the ultimate protection for your baby. Stunning color with good finishing looks fabulous in any home. The pressure mounting system ensures the safety of your baby. This gate easily fits 29inches to 40 inches wide openings. ASTM certificate ensures you the best quality of this item.

The above mentioned are best tall dog gates of 2019. Comparative view will help you to choose the right gate for your baby.